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From paper to audio in 1 click with my multifunction printer?

Imagine that your multifunction printer is able to transform, in the simplest way possible, a paper document into an audio file compatible with all audio players, from your smartphone to your car player and your home stereo! Now imagine that this audio file could be delivered to you in the language of your choice! Can't be done?

With Vcomm, this is not only possible, but it also works very well.

Insert a text document into the automatic document feeder, select the convert to audio function, press start and you're done!
Really easy to use, our new function doesn't stop there! 
Indeed, your French document can generate a French audio document of course but also an audio document in another language!
But I let you make your own opinion and we have attached the conversion to audio of this article.
Finally, the icing on the cake, this feature is offered to you free of charge on all our multifunctional printer models of the professional range!

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