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New Ricoh production printer with a 5th toner compartment

Once again, Ricoh has innovated and, today, proposes a number of new features for its range of production printers, more precisely for the new devices Pro C8100, Pro C8110, Pro C8120 and Pro C7100. These printers offer you the possibility to use a white toner and varnish with which you will achieve impressive printing effects.


Thanks to the VCSEL laser system, the print quality is significantly improved and a switch to a 1200 x 4800 dpi resolution is possible, giving you a quality remarkably superior to that of competitors within the category of production printers. 

•The reproduction is a lot more realistic,
•The colour intensity increases,
Small characters are much more visible,
•Offers a lot of technical possibilities


This range of Ricoh devices was designed to meet the demand for prints of exceptional high quality. The system has a fifth toner compartment, in which a white toner and varnish can be placed. A first for Ricoh.

From now on, you can create aesthetically beautiful prints in very bright colours (or even white) on dark coloured or black paper, making your prints look a lot more beautifully finished.

You can now also print in white on a transparent base. With this function, you have the possibility to print on both sides without the print on the other side showing through.

This extra integration ensures that you can play with the motifs and textures of your prints. By using varnish, you can apply new effects on your print work, such as a shiny touch, relief and metallic effects.


These new Ricoh devices, Pro C8100, Pro C8110, Pro C8120 and Pro C7100, are equipped with a VCSEL laser system making sure that the paper is guided correctly. The print result is a lot more accurate. The proportions in size and position of your elements are automatically reset to the page, so that you will achieve an extremely precise adjustment. This is, for example, very useful to obtain a perfect cut-off when printing business cards.

With the new Ricoh range of production printers, you can print on rough and uneven surfaces. The ink is placed evenly and homogeneously over the entire surface, which gives a great advantage, for example, in case of printing cardboard invitations and certificates.

Your prints can also be protected by a varnish layer. You can use this feature by replacing the white ink by a varnish in the 5th toner compartment.

The new Pro C series by Ricoh is suitable for a wide range of bases. The printing system ensures that you can easily, and with a simple click, print on all types of bases, such as texture paper, envelopes, and so on. It allows you to print on bases with maximum dimensions of 330.2mm x 700mm.


Thanks to the VCSEL system, a high colour density–saturation is obtained even with a lower toner consumption. The toner quantity is automatically adapted to the type of paper. For example, with coated paper, this printer uses 10% less toner. The system can reduce the toner layer thickness and, with that, also reduce the clarity and the roughness, to come to a print result comparable with that of offset printing.


These new Ricoh devices, Pro C8100, Pro C8110, Pro C8120 and Pro C7100, meet the demand for high-quality printing for all types of printingall types of bases and for all domains. They allow you to give free rein to your own and your customers' imagination!



You are welcome to discover the Pro C8100x, Pro C8100s, Pro C8110s, Pro C8120s and Pro C7100 in our showroom!
Feel free to make an appointment for a demonstration with our customers' consulting team at number +32 (0)2 686 30 30

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